We have a lot of love for beards. Some might call us the beard experts; we’re not into that bragging-thing though.

What we’re into however, is individuality. The way a man beards, not to look like any other man but to show the world what he’s made of, intrigues the very essence of our brand. If we were to explain the previous in one word, it would be BEARDIFFERENT.

Unstoppable Power

BaByliss For Men trimmers are beasts when it comes to performance. That’s because we packed them with nothing but the best components without compromising on quality! The W-Tech blades on our trimmers combined with the high stop pressure guarantee the highest performance needed for a perfect trim. Every inch of technology we’ve put in our trimmers is specifically designed to empower you to master any beard style you can think of.

  • No.1 Choice For Self-expression

    Grow your beard! Do not be afraid of those hair follicles growing on your face signifying the essence of manhood. It’s your beard man, do whatever suits you best even if it breaks norms and sparks social debate! Just Beardifferent! We assure you that with BaByliss For Men trimmers, you’re going to dominate that beard and create outstanding styles!

  • Precision. Power. Prowess.

    So what’s the big deal with precision? Just like a supercar needs a beast of an engine, trimmers need a motor that is powerful enough to get those blades trimming your beard without pulling hairs. Our trimmers boast that beast of an engine powering superior W-Tech blades for an unparalleled trimming experience.

  • Exceptional Quality

    We are backed by more than 50 years of experience providing salons and barbers with a professional line of products –BaByliss Pro®– catered to their use. We provide you with brilliant balanced designs, a floating head that enhances your trimming experience and on top of that, a 3 year warranty on all BaByliss For Men models. Legendary, isn’t it?

Water Tightness:

Our trimmer is constructed to have a double wall. Which means when you wash it, the water doesn’t touch the oil area.


Our W-Tech or 3D shaping and sharpening of our self-lubricating blades gives you a 25% increase in cutting efficiency.

Cutting Lengths:

All our models offer a wide cutting range with up to 48 positions and precision as low as 0.2mm for the perfect trimm.


All our models are fortified with 2 AAA batteries for you to enjoy high torque and cutting speed while trimming.

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It is your style

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