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Product reference : E886SDE

The beard trimmer E886SDE from BaByliss is your ally for a perfect beard !

The Digital Control beard trimmer ensures unique beard maintenance with an even and precise cut. This beard trimmer is equipped with an LED screen and a memory function: it automatically adjusts to your last length setting to make your life easier!

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Exclusive to BaByliss Beard trimmer equipped with W-Tech technology for a total hair capture and better cutting efficiency: 25% faster*

* compared to traditional BaByliss For Men beard trimmers

Precision for all beard styles :

-  precision to de 0.2 mm

-  length settings of 0.4 to 10 mm

-  motorised length control

In summary:

-  W-Tech technology for 25%* faster cutting efficiency

-  Quick charge function (5 min charge = 3 min run time)

-  memory function: your beard trimmer automatically sets itself to your most recent length settings

-  washable: removable blades can be rinsed under running water

-  large 35mm stainless steel blades with CMS

beard trimmer with adjustable head to 33° to closely follow the contours of your face

-  motorised length control with LED display: 48 ultra precise settings

-  accessories: 2 cutting guides, cleaning brush, oil refill

-  length settings from 0.4 to 10 mm with 0.2mm increments

-  cordless operation: 60 minute run time

Comparison Table


The Handyman The Handyman

The Guru The Guru

The All-Rounder The All-Rounder

Cut height 21 cutting lengths 0.4mm to 10mm 0.4mm to 10mm + blade
Precision and adjustment 0.5mm precision 0.2 mm -motorised length control 0.2 mm -motorised length control
Freedom of movement Double Built-In Shaving Head Limited - Trim against the hair direction Limited - Trim against the hair direction
Power supply corded & cordless use Cordless with charging stand Cordless with charging stand
Quick charge function Yes Yes Yes
Advised sale price*
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  • How to trim your beard: Beard styles and face shapes

    If you have square face, we recommend trimming your beard in the shape of an anchor or going for the famous 3 days’ stubble, but avoid thicker beards.
    If you have an oval face, we recommend a chinstrap beard, a full beard (not too thick) or the famous 3 days’ stubble. Avoid thicker beards.
    If you have a round face, choose a long beard or again the famous 3 days’ day stubble. We recommend that you avoid a moustache.
    If you have a long face, we recommend the 3 days’ stubble, but avoid the chinstrap beard.
    You got it: you can’t go wrong with the 3 days’ stubble! It goes with all face types for a style that's relaxed and simple. Plus, it's easy to maintain.

  • How should you fix a patchy beard?

    Here is our secret if you wish to fix a patchy beard: when trimming, remember to leave the hairs around the patchy bit a little longer. The patchy bit will be completely covered up after you comb your beard.

  • What is the proper way to remove the cutting guides from a beard trimmer?

    Your beard trimmer’s cutting guides are sturdy but they may be damaged when handled. We recommend inserting the cutting guides one leg at a time (do the same when removing them).

Tip Consider applying oil or beard cream to avoid itchiness.