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The Traveller
The Traveller
The Traveller

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The Traveller


Product reference : E827SDE

While it won’t provide you with GPS coordinates in your epic explorations, this trimmer combines the simplicity and the precision that every globetrotter needs to maintain his beard.

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  • 20 Cutting Lengths
  • 1mm Precision
  • Grooved Wheel Settings
  • Shaving Head Attachment
  • 40 Minutes Autonomy
  • Corded & Cordless Use
  • 3 Years Guarantee
  • Comparison Table


    The Guru The Guru

    The Traveller The Traveller

    The Handyman The Handyman

    Cut height 0.4mm to 10mm 20 cutting lengths 21 cutting lengths
    Precision and adjustment 0.2 mm -motorised length control 1 mm precision 0.5mm precision
    Freedom of movement Limited - Trim against the hair direction Shaving Head Attachment Double Built-In Shaving Head
    Power supply Cordless with charging stand Cord or cordless corded & cordless use
    Quick charge function Yes No Yes
    Advised sale price*
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    • How to trim your beard: Beard styles and face shapes

      If you have square face, we recommend trimming your beard in the shape of an anchor or going for the famous stubble, but avoid thicker beards.
      If you have an oval face, we recommend a chinstrap beard, a full beard (not too thick) or the famous stubble. Avoid thicker beards.
      If you have a round face, choose a long beard or again the famous stubble. We recommend that you avoid a moustache.
      If you have a long face, we recommend the stubble, but avoid the chinstrap beard.
      You got it: you can’t go wrong with the stubble! It goes with all face types for a style that's relaxed and simple. Plus, it's easy to maintain.

    • How should you fix a patchy beard?

      Here is our secret if you wish to fix a patchy beard: when trimming, remember to leave the hairs around the patchy bit a little longer. The patchy bit will be completely covered up after you comb your beard.

    • What is the proper way to remove the cutting guides from a beard trimmer?

      Your beard trimmer’s cutting guides are sturdy but they may be damaged when handled. We recommend inserting the cutting guides one leg at a time (do the same when removing them).

    Tip Consider applying oil or beard cream to avoid itchiness.