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Multi 10 Titanium

Multi-purpose trimmers

Multi 10 Titanium


Product reference : E826SDE

For unequalled efficiency
Equipped with high performance blades (permanent titanium blade) this grooming kit can be used on all areas of the body thanks to its multiple heads and accessories.

Additional Information


Exceptional cut quality
 1stroke only for all areas of the body
Turbo function: 20% more cutting efficiency*


Precision for all styles
length settings from 3 to 15 mm

In summary:
-  Efficient titanium blades specially designed for the beard (30mm and 7mm ) and body (40 mm)
-  Turbo function: 20% more cutting efficiency*(*compared to traditional BaByliss For Men beard trimmers)
-  Fine tuned adjustment lever (3 notches)
-  3 cutting guides (3-5-7 mm)
-  1 precision cutting guide: 5 settings (3 to 15mm)
-  1shaving head for finishes and contours
-   1 head for nose-ears
-  Cordless operation: 30 min run time
-  Charging/storage base
-  Accessories: Scissors, moustache comb, cleaning brush, oil


  • How do I choose a multi grooming kit?

    To select the right model, first determine which functions you'll need among the many available: hair clipper, beard trimmer, shaving foil, body trimmer, nose and ear trimmer. Another factor should also be taken into account: the clipper’s run time. The longer the run time, the more you will be able to trim on a single charge.

  • Can I use my BaByliss For Men body trimmer in the groin area?

    Absolutely, BaByliss trimmers can be used on all areas of your body. Even with no cutting guide, it is impossible to get cut.

Tip The shaver attachment should be used in a vertical motion over the chest area and other parts of the body.