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Product reference : E780SDE

The BaByliss E780SDE Hair Clipper delivers impeccable haircuts! The BaByliss For Men E780SDE hair clipper allows you to cut your hair and trim your beard with one device. This state of the art 2-in-1 device perfectly matches the curves of your head with its Smart Adjusting ™ technology. It guarantees a clear and homogeneous cut because of its titanium blades. A cutting guide for your beard is included as well.

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W-Tech Blades Smart Adjusting System 2in1 Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer 32 Cutting Lengths Grooved Wheel Settings 45 Minutes Autonomy 3 Years Guarantee


  • How do I choose the right hair clipper?

    Several criteria are important when selecting a hair clipper: desired cut length, cut precision and blade resistance. More cutting guides mean more cutting possibilities to choose from. For an even cut, choose a professional-grade stainless blade that's more resistant than a traditional blade, and as wide as possible for a faster cut and a clipper that will last a long time.

  • Which type of taper control is more precise?

    The taper lever is more precise than a built-in wheel because it offers cutting precision inferior to 1mm. Also, a nice taper is easier with a taper lever.

Tip For a faster cut, use the clipper on dry or slightly damp hair.