Product reference : H700SDE

The secret for softer feet
Fast and efficient! Equipped with 2 speed settings and 2 diamond crystal* rollers, Pedi’Secret™ provides complete protection against calluses for beautiful feet every day.

2 crystal rolls
of diamonds* for soft feet *Synthetic diamond

Beautiful to the tip of the toes

Since the beauty of the feet is one of the basics of a woman's well-being, don't wait to pamper them.

The BaByliss file is easy to use and fits your needs, you just have to include it in your beauty routine. With its exfoliating roll, it quickly and efficiently gets rid of calluses. For a smooth finish and a softer skin, the finish is done by the polishing roller.

Place the file on the callused area and apply slight pressure.
And that’s it! In a few minutes your feet are transformed!
The rollers are washable and interchangeable ensuring perfect hygiene.

frequently asked questions When to use the BaByliss foot file? What are calluses/corns? see the answers

features Complete care in 2 steps:

  • Exfoliation

    Roll the exfoliating roller over the most damaged parts of your feet in order to effectively remove calluses.

  • Soft finish

    Finish with the polishing roller for softer skin

let's review

  • 2 speeds, adjusted at each stage of the treatment
  • 2 interchangeable rollers with diamond crystals*
  • Detachable roller and washable with water
  • Runs on batteries (3xAA)

ease of use to discover in 4 steps


Each roller with its own speed

2 speeds for the coarse-grained exfoliating roller
1 speed for the fine-grained polishing roller


Easy to handle

Simply place the file on the areas to be treatd and apply a slight pressure


A precision tip

For a full treatment even in the most difficult to access areas


Easy cleaning

With its interchangeable tips that are washable with water

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • When should I use the BaByliss foot file?

    We recommend using it as a preventive measure rather than waiting to experience pain.
    The Pedi’Secret™ foot file can be used as soon as you notice calluses or hardened skin.

    Use after a shower/bath on damp skin is preferable to soften the skin and more easily remove calluses.

  • What are calluses/corns?

    They are simply skin that has thickened and hardened. This is principally due to repeated friction and a lack of hydration to skin in those areas.
    We recommend ex foliating regularly with Pedi’Secret™ and applying a moisturiser to your feet as often as necessary.

Tip Use Pedi’Secret’ after your shower. Your skin will be softer, which will make it easier to remove calluses. Use the file once a week, sparingly, without forgetting to apply a moisturiser to your feet. Careful, no moisturiser between the toes!