Homelight® Compact

Product reference : G971PSDE

The Homelight Compact pulsed light epilator from BaByliss: for a semi-permanent result and a more comfortable epilation!
The Homelight Compact pulsed light epilator is efficient, safe and fast! It leaves skin clear and smooth, anywhere on the body. This painless technique gives you a result that lasts much longer than traditional epilation techniques.

90% less
body hair after 8 sessions *clinical study in 2013 on
49 people of phototypes I to V.

A LONG TIME. really long time

Fed up with body hair that grows back two days after shaving? Then opt for Homelight® Compact in order to permanently get rid of 90% of your body hair in less than 8 sessions.

The pulsed light of Homelight® gives you more comfort during hair removal and works fast during each session. You won't believe it, in 10 minutes only half the leg is treated!

Weakened by the bright flashes, the hairs will gradually fall and the sessions can be spaced further apart. Well who could refuse that!

frequently asked questions Can I expose myself to sunlight during the Homelight® hair removal treatment? What hair removal technique should be used between sessions? After how long can I expect to see results? What is the feeling? see the answers

An approved technology

Your safety and caring for your skin are our priorities

Tested under dermatological control,Homelight® Compact is safe for your skin. It emits no UV rays and causes the gradual falling of hairs only by the action of heat from the bulb. This reliable technology was intended for use in the comfort of your home.

Tailor-made to the specific characteristics of your skinThe light intensity can be adjusted to your skin type. A built-in guide lets you choose from 5 levels of intensity that are proposed for phototypes I to V (see table), thus providing for a treatment suited to your skin's sensitivity.

Maximum safetyThe device is equipped with a contact sensor, the flashes only fires if the Homelight® Compact is perfectly positioned on your skin, protecting your eyes from the light.

colour of hairs

your skin colour

White / Grey
Light blond
Dark blond
Dark brown

This product is for you

Quartz TechnologyUsing the luminous intensity selection guide at the back of the device, determine the light intensity best suited to your skin color. Thus, your treatment is perfectly controlled.

The application surface of 3cm2 with contact sensor prevents the flash from firing if the application window is not fully in contact with the skin.

features Soft skin for a long time, a really long time

  • the body

    Cheeks, upper lip, chin... Use the precision of the manual mode to remove hair from these sensitive areas. With the snap-on surface reducer, in one minute, it's done.

  • the face

    But you need more precision for the most sensitive areas: The precision of the manual mode lets you manage your hair removal. Armpit or face in just 1 minute.

in brief

  • Dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness
  • Hair removal device for the face and body
  • 90% reduction in hair after 8 sessions*
  • 300,000 flashes guaranteed, no recharging battery packs needed
  • No UV, moderate fluence
  • 5 light intensity levels
  • Skin contact sensor for maximum safety
  • 3cm3wide applicator screen to speed up the treatment
  • Gliss mode for more speed
  • Manual mode for more precision
  • Homelight Connected app to maximise effectiveness

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • Can I receive sun exposure during the Homelight® epilation treatment?

    BaByliss recommends you avoid sun exposure of any area recently epilated by pulsed light. The use of self-tanning products should also be avoided. BaByliss recommends you apply sunscreen on the areas treated with pulsed light if you must receive sun exposure. Important: if you tan, take your new shade into account when adjusting the light intensity to avoid any risk of a burn.

  • Which epilation technique should I use in between sessions?

    We agree, letting hairs grow between sessions is not very sexy! For that reason, BaByliss advises you to shave when necessary during your treatment. Careful, waxing or use of an electric epilator should be avoided because the bulb must remain so that it may be be destroyed by the light during your next session. Tip: we even advise shaving right before your session.

  • How soon can I expect to see results?

    Pulsed light is a semi-permanent epilation that will cause your bulb to go dormant and stop producing hair. Each hair has its own life cycle, so they will not all be present during your session. It is important to be patient as each hair is removed as it moves through its cycle. Results are visible after a few sessions, we estimate that 8 sessions are necessary to have 90% fewer hairs on the treated area.
    So don't panic if you still see a few growing hairs. You will eventually win this battle!

  • What is the sensation?

    Pulsed light epilation is painless. The sensation is that of a light pinch that disappears very quickly. Depending on your skin type, you may see some redness, which will quickly fade.
    Tip: cool the area down after epilation using an ice pack or cool gel.

Tip Remember to shave before each session! This tip only applies to your body and excludes facial areas.

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