Beliss Brushing 1000


Product reference : 2736SDE

With its 4 attachments, the Beliss Brushing 1000 rotating airbrush lets you create any hairstyle you like as you dry. With this styling brush, you can straighten your hair, give it volume, or blow dry it into any style you like. This rotating airbrush is ideal for thick or very curly long hair.

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  • rotating system: dries, untangles, styles, pulls and makes hair shine
  • ionic function: eliminates frizz and static electricity for hair that is softer and shinier
  • ceramic coating: easy blow drying and hair protection
  • 2 speeds / temperatures and 1 “cool air”* setting that sets the style
  •  ergonomic straightening head with ceramic teeth  Tensio Control System®: 4 settings for all hair types (wavy, curly, very curly, or kinky)
  • swivel cord
  • hinged rear filter for easy maintenance
  • 1000 watts
  • attachments: two airbrushes 50 mm and 20 mm (non rotating), a concentrator nozzle for fast pre-drying, a straightening head, storage pouch
  • Weight: 427 g

*The rotating function is not available with the “cool air” setting

Comparison Table


Pro rotating brush Pro rotating brush

Beliss Brushing 1000 Beliss Brushing 1000

Pro rotating brush Pro rotating brush

Airbrush type Classical Classical Classical
Temperatures/Speeds 2 2 2
Number of brushes 2 2 Yes
Diameter (excluding hairs) 35mm - 50mm 20 mm et 50 mm 35mm
Accessories 35mm rotating 50mm rotating 2 Straightening head Concentrator nozzle, a straightening head, storage pouch rotating brush
Cool air position Yes Yes Yes
Ionic Yes Yes No
Advised sale price*
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  • What should I take into account when selecting an airbrush?

    The key element is the length of your hair, which will determine the diameter of your brush.
    Depending on the desired level of comfort, you can choose a brush with different diameters, a straightening head or a concentrator nozzle.
    For a shiny result without frizz, choose an ionic brush.

  • What diameter should I choose for my hair length?

    < 30 mm: short hair
    30 mm to 40 mm: medium long hair
    > 40 mm : long hair

  • What is the ionic function?

    The ions generated by the brush neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs in hair when brushed. Hair is smoother, softer and shinier.

  • What is the benefit of ceramic?

    Ceramic ensures even heat distribution and ultra-soft sliding.

  • What are the different brushes/attachments used for?

    The ceramic brush: dries and shapes your locks, gives your roots volume.
    The boar bristle brush: gives tips and fringes definition for a finishing touch.
    The concentrator nozzle: gently dries or pre-dries your hair
    The straightening head: straightens your hair with its ceramic element.

  • How do I use the concentrator nozzle?

    Remove the brush head and attach the concentrator nozzle. Turn on the appliance and use it like you would a hair dryer. Ideal for pre-drying your hair before blow-drying.

  • How do I use the straightening head?

    Remove the brush head and attach the straightening head. Turn on the appliance and position it close to your roots. Place a section of hair between the ceramic teeth and slowly smooth down the length of your hair for a perfect result.

  • Can I use an airbrush on wet hair?

    Absolutely! The airbrush can be used on wet or damp hair. An express styling that still protects hair!

Tip For maximum volume, hold the brush at the roots for several seconds.