Curl Secret 2

Product reference : C1300SDE

The Curl Secret 2 curler: the first automatic curler that lets you choose a curl diameter! This revolutionary curler creates natural and stylish curls in seconds. With Curl Secret 2, create the 100% perfect curls you want each time

2 heads
to choose one's curl style

Who has ever secretly dreamed of achieving curls without an iron, without movements and in total comfort?

The BaByliss Curl Secret 2 offers a new approach to curling. Two possibilities to use as per your needs: tight or loose curls, by means of the interchangeable accessory. For an even more natural and long-wearing result, choose the rotation direction of curling duration. The ceramic coating and the ions of the Curl Secret 2 curler will make your curls shiny and soft, with no frizz.

What you need is the curler to create your hairstyle with ease!

frequently asked questions What is the difference between the Curl Secret 2, and the other BaByliss Curl Secret products? How do you make curls? What is the direction of rotation? What is the ionic function? see the answers

Advanced technology

for your hair

Conventional curling irons require some dexterity to master the curling technique. The Curl Secret range frees you from this constraint and gives you curls with ease and safely.

Each hair type has its own temperature it is important to choose the correct temperature for your hair type in order not to damage them through use of a wrong temperature:
Thin, discolored, damaged or dry hair: 190° - 210° C
Normal, thick, colored or wavy hair: 210° - 230° C

Simple gestures for an elaborate style as per to the desired result, several parameters are taken into account: tight or light curls: 25 mm accessory and 12 to 14 seconds exposure very light curls or with volume: 35 mm accessory and 8 to 10 seconds of exposure wait for the "beeps" to end before release the clip.

features Perfectly executed curls every time

  • Tight curls

    Use the 25 mm accessory and expose for 12 to 14 seconds

  • Volume curls

    Use the 35 mm accessory and expose for 8 to 10 seconds

let's review

  • curler with automatic shaping system / auto-curl technology.
  • rotation selector: to the right, left or alternating
  • ionic function: elimine static electricity for soft and shiny hair
  • ceramic coating: smooth and shiny efect
  • 3 temperature positions (190° C, 210° C, 230°C): selection depending on the nature of the hair and the automatic adjustment based on the chosen accessory.
  • 4 duration settings (8 s, 10 s, 12 s, 14 s) : wavy, soft or tight
  • audio indicator (4-5-6 beeps): signal indicating the shaping of the curl, signal to open the clip and release the curl.
  • automatic stop
  • 25 mm for tight curls, 33 mm for larger curls
  • cleaning accessory: to remove the sebum deposit or other styling products.
  • weight: 617g

ease of use to discover in 4 steps


2 interchangeable heads

Choose the diameter for defined or light and large curlss


Temperature, exposure time, direction of rotation

Choose your options based on your hair type and the desired result


Auto-curl technology

In fast and effortless fashion, the Curl Secret automatically sucks the hair strand


Sound signal

Wait for the beeps to end before releasing your perfectly curled hair

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • What is the difference between Curl Secret 2 and other BaByliss Curl Secret products?

    The Curl Secret 2 comes with 2 exclusive heads to obtain up to 36 different types of curls: 2X more than with a Curl Secret.

    The 25mm barrel lets you create tighter curls while the 35mm barrel is ideal for loose curls and volume.

  • How do I curl my hair?

    For natural curls, set the temperature to I and the timer to 8 seconds.

    For tighter curls, set the temperature to II and the timer to 12 seconds.

  • What is the curl direction?

    Certain products in the Curl Secret line allow you to choose the curl direction. On the more recent appliances, you have the choice between a left rotation, a right rotation, or random rotation. For natural looking curls, we recommend alternating the curl direction.

  • What is the ionic function?

    The ions generated by the Curl Secret neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs when hair is brushed. Hair is smoother, softer and shinier.

Tip For an even more natural result, reverse the curl direction.