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Expert 2300

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Expert 2300


Product reference : D362SDE

The Expert 2300 hair dryer ensures drying that is fast and gentle at the same time, it is ideal for normal hair.
This high performance BaByliss hair dryer lets you customise your drying modes with its 6 temperature / speed settings and Turbo mode. It also has a diffuser to gently bring out beautiful curls. This hair dryer lets you save 25% energy with each use.

Additional Information


Perfect blow-dry
Use the hair dryer’s 10mm concentrator nozzle for an easy blow-dry.

Perfect curls
Use the EXPERT 2300 hair dryer diffuser to reveal beautiful curls.

In summary:

  • air flow of 85 km/h
  • 6 temperature / speed settings
  • traditional DC motor
  • cold air button to set the style in place
  • turbo function for better efficiency
  • accessories: 10mm concentrator nozzle, diffuser
  • practical: removable rear filter, hanging loop
  • cord 1.80 m
  • 2300 W, for 1700 W actually used
  • Weight: 435 g

Comparison Table


pro light pro light

Expert 2300 Expert 2300

Pro digital Pro digital

Hair-dryer type Professional Traditional Professionnel Digital
Air flow 95km/h 85km/h 208 km/h
Temperatures/Speeds 6 6 8
Accessories 6 x 75 mm Concentrator 10 mm Concentrator nozzle Diffuser Concentrateur 4 mm - 6 mm Diffuseur
Ionic Yes No Yes
Watts 2 2 2
Advised sale price*
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  • What is the difference between a professional hair dryer motor and a traditional motor?

    A professional motor ensures better performance and has a longer lifespan than a traditional motor.

    A traditional motor has a lifespan of up to 500 drying hours. Its performance is limited to drying or simple styling of your hair with a maximum air flow of 95km/h and concentrator nozzles of 9, 10 or 14 mm. You will find these motors in the Expert line.

    The professional AC motor increases the lifespan of your hair dryer to up to 2000 hours. In addition to blow drying, it lets you create technical and professional hair styles. Thanks to its powerful air flow (up to 170km/h) and slim concentrator nozzles (6 or 4 mm), you get a long-lasting result. These motors can be found in our Pro line.

    Finally, the latest-generation digital professional motor is revolutionary. Its exceptional performance (10,000 hours of use and 208 km/h air flow) allows the temperature to remain a constant low 70°C, which is the ideal temperature to respect the cuticle and the hair’s natural moisture. It has a 30% faster drying time. 6000E and 6100E models are equipped with this revolutionary motor.

    Traditional motor Professional AC motor Professional digital motor

    L Lifespan

    < 500 hours of use < 2 000 hours of use < 10 000 hours of use

    Air speed

    < 95 km/h < 170 km/h < 208 km/h

    Concentrator nozzle

    > 6mm 4 or 6 mm 4 or 6 mm
  • How many watts should a hair dryer have?

    Let’s put this preconception to rest!
    Watts determine the appliance’s air flow temperature and energy consumption. So it is essential to refer to the speed of the air flow in km/h rather than to the watts, since a higher speed means a faster drying time.

  • What is the ionic function on a hair dryer? What is it used for?

    The ions generated by the hair dryer neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs in hair when dried. And the effectiveness of leave-in haircare products is reinforced: hair is smoother, softer and glossier.

  • What is the concentrator nozzle used for? What is the difference between 4, 6 and 10 mm?

    The concentrator nozzle is used for a precise styling, such as a blow dry or a finishing of the tips. The slimmer it is, the more precise the styling will be. It is ideal when used on low speed (+ turbo if available) and a low temperature setting.
    The large concentrator nozzle lets you smooth the hair fibre efficiently. It is ideal when used on high speed (+ turbo if available) and a low temperature.

  • How do I use a hair dryer diffuser?

    To maintain natural curls and waves, we recommend using the diffuser. Combine low speed with a high temperature setting to bring out your curls.

Tip A trick to reduce drying time: pre-dry your hair without the concentrator nozzle