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Product reference : 6000SDE

Infuse your hair with protection with the Pro Digital 6000SDE from BaByliss !
Protecting the hair while blow drying has never been so easy! A major innovation in 2015, this professional hair dryer is a revolution in itself. It is equipped with an EC digital motor that has absolutely no equivalent on the market. This professional BaByliss hair dryer guarantees a constant temperature of 70°C to protect your hair while losing efficiency.

-32% drying time

Pro Digital hair dryer:
unparalleled and uncompromising hair protection!

This professional hair dryer is ideal for sensitive or colored hair.  Use its concentrators and its diffuser to style your hair: get a structured blow-dry or natural and soft curls as you wish. The ionic fonction of this professional BaByliss hair dryer will transform your hair making it shinier and silkier than ever!


frequently asked questionsHow many watts are needed for a hair dryer? What is the ionic function of a hair dryer? What purpose does it serve? How do you use a hair dryer diffuser? see the answers

Advanced technology

at your hair's service

Do not confuse drying and heating!Drying is the process of evaporation of water on the surface of wet hair. Hot air promotes evaporation by absorbing a lot of water. But too much heat damages the hair fibre during the drying process and makes the hair dull and fragile. When subjected to a very high temperature, the hair cuticle cracks and the hair loses its natural moisture. In fact, above 70° C, it is air flow that leads to drying: the higher the hair dryer's air flow, the faster it dries.

You are many to think that the wattage is the most important factor in the choice of a hair dryer. Watts determine the temperature of the air flow and the energy consumption of a hair dryer. It is therefore essential to refer to the airflow speed in km/h rather than the wattage, because the higher the speed, the faster the drying rate.

What is sensitized hair?Sensitised hair is recognizable by its dull and lifeless appearance. As a result of colour-treatment or other repeated chemical treatments that damage the cuticle, the hair is more brittle, dry, has more split ends and lacks flexibility.

Pro 6000 technology: hair protection combined with fast drying. The drying performance of a hair dryer is measured through the drying rate expressed in the number of grams of water evaporated per minute (g/min) 1.
The Pro Digital 6000SDE hair dryer reached the highest rate in the market with 5.68 g/min, i.e. 32% faster**.

The Pro Digital 6000SDE hair dryer produces an air flow of an ideal temperature of 70° C (compared to 85° C with conventional motors) for greater hair protection. The hair is not subjected to temperatures that damage its fibre.

1. IEC61855 standard
*Than conventional hair dryer motors
** Compared to the average for BaByliss Pro hair dryers

The Pro Digital 6000SDE hair dryer: the ally for accurate and long-lasting styling For accurate and long-lasting styling, it is necessary to concentrate the air flow from the hair dryer as much as possible so that hair remains in contact with the brush and takes the desired shape. The cold air button permanently sets the desired shape. All hairdressers know that how fine a concentrator is and how powerful the motor is are the keys to hairstyling. The Pro Digital 6000SDE hair dryer gives you professional drying performance through its 208 km/h air speed and 4 mm concentrator, the finest in the market.

features Your hair will say thank you

  • Fast drying

    Air flow of 208 km/h and turbo function

  • Perfect styling

    The finest concentrator in the market, ionic function and air cold touch

  • Hair protection

    Controlled temperature of 70° C

let's review

  • Air speed of 208 km/h: ultra-fast drying and professional styling
  • 8 speeds/temperatures
  • Highly efficient EC Digital motor
  • Cold air button to set the hairstyle
  • Turbo function
  • Professional hair dryer with ionic function for a smooth and shiny result
  • Accessories: 2 ultra fine concentrators 4 mm and 6 mm = very accurate blow-drying; 1 diffuser for gentle drying of curls
  • Practical: removable rear filter, suspension ring
  • Extra-long cord of 2.8 m
  • 2200 W
  • 672g

ease of use to discover in 4 steps



Start by pre-drying your hair without the concentrator


Take care of your curls

Preserve the natural wavs of your curls by using the diffuse


Accurate styling

Achieve professionnel styling with the ultra-fine concentrator of 4 mm


Turbo function

For faster drying and shaping

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • What is the difference between a professional hair dryer motor and a traditional motor?

    A professional motor ensures better performance and has a longer lifespan than a traditional motor.

    A traditional motor has a lifespan of up to 500 hours of use. Its performance is limited to drying or simple styling of your hair with a maximum air flow of 95km/h and concentrator nozzles of 9, 10 or 14 mm. You will find these motors in the Expert line.

    The professional AC motor increases the lifespan of your hair dryer to up to 2000 hours. In addition to blow drying, it lets you create technical and professional hair styles. Thanks to its powerful air flow (up to 170km/h) and slim concentrator nozzles (6 or 4 mm), you get a long-lasting result. These motors can be found in our Pro line.

    Finally, the latest-generation digital professional motor is revolutionary. Its exceptional performance (10,000 hours of use and 208 km/h air flow) allows the temperature to remain a constant low 70°C, which is the ideal temperature to respect the cuticle and the hair’s natural moisture. It has a 30% faster drying time. 6000E and 6100E models are equipped with this revolutionary motor.

    Traditional motor Professional AC motor Professional digital motor


    < 500 hours of use < 2 000 hours of use < 10 000 hours of use

    Air speed

    < 95 km/h < 170 km/h < 208 km/h

    Concentrator nozzle

    >6mm 4 or 6 mm 4 or 6 mm
  • How many watts should a hair dryer have?

    Let’s put this preconception to rest!
    Watts determine the appliance’s air flow temperature and energy consumption. So it is essential to refer to the speed of the air flow in km/h rather than to the watts, since a higher speed means a faster drying time.

  • What is the ionic function on a hair dryer? What is it used for?

    The ions generated by the hair dryer neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs in hair when dried. And the effectiveness of leave-in haircare products is reinforced: hair is smoother, softer and glossier.

  • What is the concentrator nozzle used for? What is the difference between 4, 6 and 10 mm?

    The concentrator nozzle is used for a precise styling, such as a blow dry or a finishing of the tips. The slimmer it is, the more precise the styling will be. It is ideal when used on low speed (+ turbo if available) and a low temperature setting.
    The large concentrator nozzle lets you smooth the hair fibre efficiently. It is ideal when used on high speed (+ turbo if available) and a low temperature.

  • How do I use the hair dryer diffuser?

    To maintain natural curls and waves, we recommend using the diffuser. Combine low speed with a high temperature setting to bring out your curls.

Tip A trick to reduce drying time: pre-dry your hair without the concentrator nozzle