Hot Straightening Brush

Product reference : HSB100SDE

With the Liss Brush 3D Hot Straightening Brush, use a new straightening gesture for a result that’s shiny and natural!
This straightening brush is one of a kind! As easy to use as a classic brush, it combs, ideally positions the hair and straightens your hair to perfection. The result is worthy of a professional: your hair is silky without frizz.

3 bristle
sizes for gentle straightening

Perfect straightening
in the blink of an eye!

No need to brush your hair before you use it. The stiff plastic outer bristles will gently detangle the knots without damaging, nor pulling them

For the treatment to be more effective, the silicon tips place your hair as close to the heating element as possible without pulling it. The smoothing brush's plate and ceramic bristles work together to perfectly straighten hair: the heat is evenly distributed. The temperature is adjustable by a LED indicator of 160° C, 180° C and 200° C is suitable for all hair types.

With a rectangular design, it will straighten more hair than an oval brush. The ions will make your hair shiny and without frizz or static electricity. Smoothing hair has never been easier!

frequently asked questions What is ionic function? Why is the brush rectangular? What is 3D ? see the answers

features As fast and as simple as a brush stroke!

  • 34 plastic bristles

    For gentle detangling

  • 50 silicon bristles

    For positioning as close as possible to the heating element

  • 42 ceramic bristles

    And a ceramic heating base for quick and effective straightening

let's review

  • Rectangular design to straighten more hair than a conventional oval brush
  • 3 bristle sizes
  • Ceramic coating: to care for the hair
  • 3 temperatures: 160° C / 180° C / 200° C, suitable for all hair types
  • Ionic function: anti-frizz, eliminates static electricity.
  • LED display: triple temperature indicator
  • Cord: 1.80 meter

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • What is the ionic function?

    The ions generated by the brush neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs when hair is brushed. Hair is smoother, softer and shinier.

  • Why is the brush rectangular?

    BaByliss chose this shape because it increases the smoothing surface by 20% compared to classic oval brushes, equal to 60 cm².

  • Why 3D?

    The 3 dimensions allow for a straightening that is optimal, easy and fast.
    Dimension 1: Perfect combing - 34 rigid plastic bristles.
    Dimension 2: Ideal positioning of the hair on the brush - 50 flexible silicone bristles.
    Dimension 3: Flawless long-lasting straightening - 42 ceramic bristles and a 60 cm² ceramic heating plate.


Tip Use the heat setting on the heated straightening brush that is suited for your hair type:

160°C: fine hair
180°C: normal hair
200°C: thick hair