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Fun style

Multi-Stylers & Rollers

Fun style


Product reference : 2020CSDE

8 attachments to try endless hairstyles !

  • Try tight or loose curls,
  • spirals,
  • zigzag hair,
  • crimped hair,
  • sleek style...


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Safe and unique system for changing plates

8 attachments: straightening plates, crimping plates, 3 curling irons, spiral, brush and storage pouch.

Fast and stable heat up (145°C max).

Swivel cord

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Clip & Curl Clip & Curl

Fun style Fun style

Curler type rollers curlers
Coating silicone Silicone
Temperatures 85°C 85°C
Diameter 6x17mm + 6x22 mm 17 mm and 22 mm
Ionic No No
Advised sale price*


  • How do I use a roller?

    Plug in the appliance and allow the rollers to heat up. Comb your hair, separate out a lock about the width of a roller and raise it at a right angle in relation to the scalp. Wrap the lower part of the lock around the roller, all the way to the root. Secure the roller with clips or fasteners. Repeat with all the other rollers and let cool. Gently remove the rollers and admire your curls.

  • How do I obtain natural curls?

    We recommend using at least two different roller sizes to achieve a natural effect.

  • How do I use a silicone roller?

    Silicon rollers are used in the same way as traditional rollers. Their advantage? A curling system without fasteners to avoid possible damage to the hair from metal or plastic fasteners. The longer the rollers stay in, the more defined the curls will be. We recommend leaving the rollers in for 15 minutes.

Tip For a natural result, use your fingers to loosen the curls.