Had enough of frizzy hair that refuses to lay properly?
Our straightening irons mean you can have the smooth,
glossy hair you always wanted. Whether used day-in, day-out
or for a special occasion, our models suit your requirements.
Opt for an ionic model for impeccable straightening, even on damp hair.
Discover our steam models for effective straightening whilst
protecting hair.

9 products found



  • Steam Pure

    The 1st steam straightener & curler

  • Pure metal rose gold

    Straightening or curls? You no longer have to choose!

  • Pro 235 Ionic XL

    The ionic straightener for long or thick hair

  • Pro steam 230

    Straightening that protects the hair thanks to the steam

  • Slim 28 Intense Protect

    2 straightening modes for all hair types

  • Ultra Slim 22 Protect

    The basic straightener for short to medium long hair

  • Slim 28 Protect

    The basic straightener for medium long to long hair

  • Pro 235 Ionic

    The ionic straightener for short to medium long hair

  • 2 in 1

    Straighten or curl dry or damp hair