Steam Pure

Product reference : ST495SDE

This is the 2 in 1 straightening iron that is suitable for all hair types, even the ones most difficult to straighten! The steam is ideal to stretch the hair and leave you with a salon-grade straightening. The convex shape of this BaByliss steam straightener also gives you natural-looking curls.

Reinforced Hydratation
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Pure Metal Steam hair straightener a long-wearing professional hair straightening!

Because thick or curly hair deserves special treatment...

the Pure Metal Steam hair straightener ? The micro-steam which instantly penetrates the strand, down to the root, reducing hair friction. It is moisturised in depth and smoothed, with the utmost care. Your hair is smooth, soft and shiny.

The BaByliss hair straightener has wide ceramic plates with a detangling comb: ideal for long, thick or curly hair. It is easy to use thanks to its temperature adjustment buttons, and LED lighting.
The convex shape of this steam hair straightener helps achieve perfect curls.

frequently asked questions What is the purpose of the large plates? What is the purpose of the steam? What is the integrated comb for? Can I use the straightening iron on wet hair? see the answer

Professionals straightening irons with wide plates are particularly suited to everyday use and for a long-wearing result

in 1 stroke for long, thick or very curly hair

Every hair type has its own recommended temperature For gentle straigntening, it is important to properly choose the temperature of the iron for your hair type in order not to weaken it:
- Thin, discolored, damaged or dry hair: 150° C - 170°C
- Normal, thick, coloured or wavy hair: 170° C - 210°C
- Thick and difficult to style hair: 210° C - 230° C

To straighten long, thick or very curly hair, spend 5 to 10 seconds on each section, starting from the root. It is recommended to only pass steam straightener once over the hair, as the hair fibre can be very weakened by multiple passes.

The moisturizing action of steam Steam is particularly recommended for relaxing and moisturising the hair fibre. It also plays an important role in the structure of the fibre. Wet hair becomes malleable, and retains the shape wanted once dry and cooled. Thus, curly hair can be straightened and straight hair can be curled for a perfect style.

features Soft skin for long, really long

  • Perfect straightening

    the steam and ceramic combination is ideal for straightening to professional standards while preserving the hair

  • Natural curls

    the convex shape of this steam straightener at a temperature of 110° C allows you to straighten your locks in the blink of an eye!


  • micro-steam function: fight hair dehydration and protects against friction
  • steam straightener with curling function
  • temperature setting: 150° C / 170° C / 190° C / 210° C / 230° C
  • ionic function for soft and shiny hair
  • wide plates, 39 x 100 mm, with integrated comb: ideal for difficult to straighten hair
  • Diamond Ceramic floating plates
  • steam: tank with a continuous 10-minute self-sufficiency, can be activated on demand
  • LED lighting of the steam: do not miss any lock
  • plate locking
  • LED display of temperatures
  • stainless steel/chrome finish
  • rotating cord
  • accessories: 2 removable thumb rests, heat-resistant mat
  • weight: 520g

FAQs, tips and advice

BaByliss answers you

  • Why are the plates so large?

    Large plates wider than 30cm are ideal for long, thick, curly or kinky hair.

  • What is the benefit of steam?

    Steam is ideal for thick, curly or kinky hair. It stretches the hair to create a straightening that stays in place.

  • Why is there a built-in comb?

    The comb ideally positions your hair on the plates of the straightening iron. Thus your hair is straightened homogeneously. Ideal for long, thick, curly or kinky hair.

  • Can the straightening iron be used on wet hair?

    We recommend using only Wet’N Dry straighteners on wet hair.

  • How do I curl my hair with a straightening iron?

    We recommend using a 2 in 1 straightener (I-curl or straightener curler) to shape curls, because the convex shape of the cap will make your job easier.
    Simply place the hair in the inside the straightening iron as if you wanted to straighten it, and turn the straightener 90°. Slowly pull the straightener down the length of the hair, from the root to the end, and enjoy your beautiful curls.

  • Which temperature is right for my hair type?

    140°C - 180°C: if your hair is fine, damaged or coloured.

    200°C - 240°C: if your hair is thick, curly or kinky.

  • What is the purpose of the ionic function?

    The ions generated by the straightener neutralise the static electricity that sometimes occurs when hair is brushed. Hair is smoother, softer and shinier.

  • What is the purpose of the ceramic plates?

    The ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution and ultra-soft sliding. Your hair will thank you.

Tip To straighten hair without damaging it, start straightening from the top, and slowly move down the length of the hair. Do this only once to protect the hair fibre.